Concierge COVID-19 Testing

We can quickly set up a plan for your company or school for weekly testing, drive through testing or just one-time testing. Email for details on group testing.

Patient Care

  • Our dedicated team and lab partners strive to provide excellent patient care and expert consultation.

Rapid Results

  • In as little as 15 minutes for the Antibody testing.
  • 48-72 hour turnaround time for COVID-19 PCR Testing.

Accuracy & Precision

  • We have carefully chosen manufacturers and labs based on the highest levels of test accuracy

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Turn Key Concierge COVID-19 Testing:

We are proud to announce a concierge COVID-19 testing service for businesses, schools, restaurants, health care providers, and senior living facilities. Our goal is to help everyone feel safe going back to their school, work, or home environment.

As we gear up to reopen, you as an employer and administrator have a choice to make a decision on how vigilant you want to be when it comes to protecting your employees, children, health care workers, and residents of senior living communities from COVID-19. Will you do the bare minimum, make some effort to get employees to self-report and possibly self-track, or will you make the maximum effort and implement testing?

During the COVID-19 pandemic that our nation is in, businesses and schools need to exercise the appropriate amount of caution as they begin to reopen. Dr. Carrie Carda and Midwest Preventative Healthcare have both the antibody test and the PCR diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Test. Our laboratories are EUA approved by the FDA and have some of the most accurate tests on the market. Dr. Carrie Carda will help you determine if you should be tested, and if so, which test is most appropriate for you.

Types of COVID-19 Tests Offered:

Advantages of Concierge Testing:

  1. 1
    Easy to administer
  2. 2
    Less risk of exposure to COVID-19
  3. 3
    Convenient location of your choice
  4. 4
    Rapid testing process
  5. 5
    Consolidated test data
  6. 6
    Test reliability
  7. 7
    Consistent protocol
  8. 8
    Providing peace of min
  9. 9
    Tracking of who currently has COVID-19 or who has the COVID-19 antibodies
  10. 10
    Businesses or groups with a known workplace exposure that need immediate testing for employees

We can quickly set up a plan for your company or school for weekly testing, drive through testing or just one-time testing. Please click on the boxes to the left to learn more about getting started

Why is the Healgen so superior when compared to other antibody test:

  • Can distinguish between current and past infections
  • Highest current rate of detection
  • Validated by World Health Organization & National Cancer Institute
  • Sensitivity:IgM:100% IgG:96.7% Combined: 100%
  • Specicity:IgM:100% IgG:97.5% Combined: 97.5%

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started



Register online for your COVID-19 test.



Our team will administer the appropriate COVID-19 test.



You will get a confirmation and results will be sent to your registered email.

Call for questions regarding testing.

Meet The Team

Dr. Carrie Carda

Dr. Carda has over 20 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology, including routine gynecological surgical and Davinci Robotic procedures. Dr. Carda is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology and holds a specialization in bio identical hormone therapy. Her approach to patient care focuses on patient education and self-care, she takes time to educate each patient about their health and develops a custom care plan.


Medical School, Ross University School of Medicine Residency, St. Vincent Hospital & Health Care Center, Indianapolis, IN

Harriet (Hattie) Lage

(VP of Customer Relations)

Hattie Lage has been in the medical industry for over twenty years representing medical devices for companies such as Johnson and Johnson and start-ups out of Silicon Valley. She started her own distributorship six years ago called Midwest Preventative Healthcare. Midwest Preventative Healthcare offers innovative testing for COVID-19, mobile phlebotomy services, and a full service laboratory. Their main focus is excellent customer service from the beginning to the end.

Call for questions regarding testing.


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